Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Avast Internet Security Free Licence

Hello! Today I'm going to give a free Avast Internet Security Licence.

Upgrade now from free to Internet protection!!

How to Install?

1: Download the Licence here AVAST INTERNET SECURITY.
2: Extract the file.
3. Open your Avast Anti-Virus. If you don't have, download the trial version here: AVAST INTERNET SECURITY TRIAL
4. Go to subscription part and click insert licence file and insert the licence that you extract just now. The Avast now in full licence until June 2013!!

P/S: Sometimes bubble like to use english to explain this type of things rather than Malay. Hahaha!! Fo me, it is more easy to understand compare to Malay instruction because a lot of the word are originated from english language. Agree??

1 comment:

  1. hai asyrul, lamak juak ktk sik update blog, sama jak kita. kmk baruk minggu tok aktif update balit.. n, btw, nice n simple blog. penoh ngn cerita best.. keep it up.. :)



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